Saturday, March 26, 2011

Days 5 and 6 - Howard Island

We spent our last two days of vacation at a great little island near Tarpon Springs, FL.  Day 5, we ate lunch at Rusty Bellie's restaurant and had some yummy seafood.  Then we went out to Howard Island, which was fantastic.  Calm, crystal clear waters with TONS of wildlife.  A great place to just be on the beach as it was intended - no condos, no man-made much of anything, except the parking lot and a couple of restrooms. Enjoy the pictures of our last two days:

A little crab that tickled my foot, then decided to hang out and play with us

Another crane, looking for food

Both days we saw dolphins chasing dinner

You could tell where they were going to come up because the schools of fish would be FLYING out of the water to get away from the dolphins

We saw a few of these scallops just hanging out.  One of them "spit" at me when I picked it up.

Benajmin and Jim snorkleing - they saw crabs and fish and scallops

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  1. WOW, did you camp there? Looks wonderful.

    Will be glad when "All My Children" are home.