Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to reality

What a week back this has been!  Work welcomed me back with smiles from co-workers and a week from hell from our AC unit in our new server room.  This darned thing has not worked completely right since day 1.  This week has been the absolute craziest week in regards to "Sybil", the name I have given our AC unit. 

Monday afternoon, we found the temperature to be 44 degrees F in there...just a tad too cold!  We called for service and they fixed the problem for us.  Tuesday we came in and things were working fine...or so we thought.  My boss called me at 6-ish as I was nearing my exit driving home from work.  The temperature was 102 degrees F in the server room and she was looking for a fan or 12.  I called the service tech and turned the car around and drove back to Franklin (30+ miles one way).  I got home around 10:45 that evening after they once again "fixed" the problem and the breaker that was tripped by the unit.  Wednesday, we had a tech onsite to check the unit to see if he could find anything wrong.  This was after a call from the owner of the company who installed it assuring me he would do whatever it took to gain our confidence back in the unit and his company.  They had even arranged for a technician from the manufacturer to fly in from PA on Friday morning to review and sign off on the installation.
Thursday was quiet - the room stayed a constant 68-69 degrees...but this was with the door open and a "move and cool" on standby waiting to kick on if the AC unit failed again.
Friday, the tech from the manufacturer came out and inspected the unit from head to toe and said it looked great.  We unplugged the "move and cool", but kept it onsite just in case.  We closed the door and went to lunch.  We came back from lunch and checked and all seemed fine - it was 68 degrees in the room and we liked that!
Around 1:30pm, my co-worker said he was in the server room and the thermostat said 67 degrees and the compressor kicked on, which it should not have done.  I walked to the room (less than 30 seconds) and the temperature had dropped to 63 degrees.  (okay - the room is 10'x11' with a 3-TON unit, so this temperature drop really IS doable)  I called our tech back.  He came out, fixed the problem, which was a dip switch setting, and left.  Not 20 minutes later, we were notified that the room was too hot.  I've been sitting here for over 3 hours while the tech has been trying to figure THIS situation out.  Wish me luck and hope I don't have to spend the night here in the office. 


  1. Think they need to put in a new unit - no questions asked.

  2. What we have here is a high level of incompitance. The unit controls are defective or poorly enginered. The manufacture needs to replace the defective controls or the whole unit
    immediately. The techs they have sent need to sit with until its fixed or replaced. I've seen this before many times. Give them this message.

  3. I figured I'd get some good info from Dad. Jim said the same thing. My boss and I agree and we have a pow-wow with everyone on Monday morning. I was only there until 7:45 last night and the temp is holding steady in the room at 71 degrees. I hope it stays this way all weekend and I don't have to drive in today or tomorrow.