Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

No, I'm not talking about the Simon and Garfunkel song...I'm talking about the actual spices.  I cannot cook...or rather, I don't enjoy cooking.  I've never been able to understand how spices and flavors work together.  I can't even conjure up the idea of these flavors in my head.  Oh, sure, I know what garlic, salt, and pepper taste like, but not anything more than that. 
Additionally, I almost always burn myself if I am using the oven.  I almost always touch the elements on the top of the oven or the racks in the oven when I am pulling items out after they are done cooking.  Yes, I use towels and/or potholders and STILL burn myself.  I did the same thing last night.  Jim had put the iron skillet in the oven to keep the chicken warm.  I was up, so he asked me to take it out, warning me to be careful and use a potholder to take it out so I wouldn't burn myself.  I took a dishtowel and folded it up to wrap around the handle.  My pinky on my right hand did not have any protection and I touched it to the handle as I started removing the skillet from the oven.  The good thing is that I did not drop the skillet.  I actually had enough sense in my head to put the skillet back in the oven, remove the dishtowel and put it on the counter before heading to the sink to run cold water on my pinky.  Whoa is me!  HA HA! 
I'm just very thankful and lucky that I have married a man who is extremely skilled in the kitchen, both with combining spices to make food taste incredible and has the ability to not burn himself when using the cooking appliances.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Official Guide to Marrying a Tingley Woman

In 1995, my sisters and their first husbands wrote (and I use this term loosely) a book to give to my first husband (I sense a theme here) before we got married.  The title was "The Official Guide to Marrying a Tingley Woman" and if you have ANY knowledge of the Tingley Family and the TU Organization, this book is hysterical.

This is the title page - it's fading, but still readable.  And you already know the title.  I love the picture, though!

These two pages are fading as well.  The part on the left says:

"© 1995 by

Tingley United Press, Inc.
Worldwide publishers of quality Tingley promotional materials.
Note: All artistic renderings are purely fictional. Any resemblance to real individuals dead or alive, is pure happenstance and entirely unintentional, in no way reflecting the abilities or talents of the artists."

On the right side of the page above, there is a picture of a girl with a Barbie doll.  She is rubbing the boobies down so that Barbie's clothes wouldn't be so tight.  The text in yellow reads:
"(The rumors that Lorena Bobbit carried Tingley genes are not true!!!) "
I think the rest of these pictures are readable, although you may want to click on them so you can enlarge and read them better.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Has it really been a month since I last blogged?   It's been busy, both at work and at home, but things are settling down a bit.  At work, we migrated our network connection to an MPLS network.  Basically we switched how we connect to our offices and to the internet.  Yeah, that is a basic overview.  It's much more complicated than that, but I won't bore you with all the details. 
The migration did not go as smoothly as we had hoped.  Not only were we in the office 4 hours longer than we expected to be on the night of the cutover, but it has taken 3 weeks to resolve some pretty strange issues with faxing and remote connectivity.  At least things are getting resolved and we can start looking ahead to new projects.
At home, over the past few weeks, we were preparing for a party at our house.  There was a lot of work to be done to get the place ready for all our family to arrive, but it was worth every minute of preparation.  I know I did a lot of work the day of the party, but I really did enjoy the time we all had together.  I think next time, we should gather at a hotel like we did in 1997 and just go bowling.  HA HA HA! 
So between trying to figure out a bunch of weird IT issues with our new network and preparing for a gathering of my family, I guess I haven't had much time at all to blog.  Well, I'm back now.  Aren't you all so excited!  :D