Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Last night, Benjamin was working on his homework.  I told him he needed to write his name on his paper.  This turned into a very interesting conversation between B, Jim, and me.  We began talking about names, what we had considered for names for Benjamin before he was born, the discussion of the name Theodore and that Jim likes that name, but my Dad doesn't. (For those reading this, my dad's name is Theodore)  Jim said to B, "If your first name was Theodore, we could call you 'TB' ".  Benjamin asked, "What is TB?"  I explained it was a disease of the lungs.  Benjamin said, "Oh, I thought that was vangina". 

Well, I'm sure you can imagine the laughter that erupted from me.  After I calmed down, I had to explain that "angina" is a heart condition, but TB was a lung disease.  I did NOT address the other "v-word" at this time.  :)