Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Break 2011

The new Pool Boy at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS

Benjamin and his girlfriend

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So where should I park?

Johnny's Po-Boys in New Orleans...so good!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Grammar Snob

The past few weeks, I've been reviewing resumes, hoping to find someone to hire to work with me.  It's very hard for me not to be too critical of the resumes.  I have had a lot of experience with writing resumes and taken some classes to learn more about resume writing.  However, if an agency is sending resumes like some I have received, I really have to start questioning their abilities.  

I admit that I am a grammar snob. I don't always get my own grammar correct, I realize that. However, if somoene is typing a business communication, such as an email or resume, he or she should take some time to proofread the document or have someone else proofread it. At the very least, run it through Microsoft Word Spelling and Grammar Check! 

Sometimes, the mistakes are funny.  Last Friday, one such resume made me laugh so hard that I cried.  It still gives me a chuckle when I think about it.  The sentence reads, "...the ability to solve issues, and finish projects in a timely manor."  I read this sentence about 3 times before I was postitive that I was correct in thinking the proper use of the word is "manner".  And then I really started laughing because I thought to myself, "Hmmm, I want to have a timely manor in which to finish MY projects rather than working at my desk."  I got the giggles all over again, especially when I envisioned what my "timely manor" would look like. 

Ironically, we interviewed the person who wrote this resume and have hired him to work for us.  I can help someone with writing and grammar if they will help me take care of my network. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Almost every day, I read the obituaries in our newspaper.  Yes, I realize I am only in my 40s and you might find it morbid that I read the obits daily.  I find it interesting and informative...and sad.  Interesting when I read about someone 100 years old or older dying.  I think, "What a long life they lived!" and  "Imagine all the amazing (and not so amazing) changes they saw over their lifetime."   I have also realized that loved ones of friends have passed away, giving me a chance to reach out to them as I may not be in touch as often as I once was.  And then I ran across an obituary last week that brought back memories of when I was in high school.  There was a notice that a woman had died and as I read her name, I thought, "That name sounds familiar and her face is familiar, but I cannot place her."  I read through her column and there it was - the reason I knew this lady.  Back in the 80's she taught water aerobics at the YMCA where I worked.  She must have been in her 60s then and I always loved it that an "older" person worked with me doing the same things I did, even though we were years apart in age.  Annie (not her real name) was such a kind woman with a great sense of humor.  I didn't really know her all that well, but working with her gave me a new respect for "older" people and their abilities.
I will continue to read the obituaries and hopefully not be able to recognize too many people I know too soon.

Monday, October 10, 2011


On Saturday, we were coming home from shopping and decided to stop at the neighbor's garage sale.  As we walked up the drive, they said, "We have one kitten left - free to a good home".  I said, "We already have too many, but thanks."  I then went to see it, of course.  No harm in looking.  It was a cute, fluffy, gray furball of sweetness about 5 weeks old.  Just as cute and loving as could be.  I walked towards the books to see what I wanted to take home and Jim walked over to the kitten and took it out of the little cage it was in.  He was holding it and I was listening halfway to the conversation he was having with the owner, when I heard him say, "We'll take him".  I was totally floored.  I think if we had won the lottery I would have been less surprised.  So now we have another kitten for a total of 5 kittens and 5 adult cats.  The funny thing is that "Smokey" was the one that was hissing and carrying on when we first introduced him to the other cats.  ALL of the other cats just accepted him as if he'd been there the whole time, more or less ignoring him.   Oh, our "Mama" cat had that look on her face like, "Is THAT another KITTEN?  Are you KIDDING?"  We told her to chill out and she didn't give Smokey too much trouble.

By Sunday afternoon, I was in stitches watching the 4 older kittens romping around, attacking each other, and generally having a grand time.  I'll have some pictures soon if this little furball will ever sit still.