Monday, July 25, 2011

The Official Guide to Marrying a Tingley Woman

In 1995, my sisters and their first husbands wrote (and I use this term loosely) a book to give to my first husband (I sense a theme here) before we got married.  The title was "The Official Guide to Marrying a Tingley Woman" and if you have ANY knowledge of the Tingley Family and the TU Organization, this book is hysterical.

This is the title page - it's fading, but still readable.  And you already know the title.  I love the picture, though!

These two pages are fading as well.  The part on the left says:

"© 1995 by

Tingley United Press, Inc.
Worldwide publishers of quality Tingley promotional materials.
Note: All artistic renderings are purely fictional. Any resemblance to real individuals dead or alive, is pure happenstance and entirely unintentional, in no way reflecting the abilities or talents of the artists."

On the right side of the page above, there is a picture of a girl with a Barbie doll.  She is rubbing the boobies down so that Barbie's clothes wouldn't be so tight.  The text in yellow reads:
"(The rumors that Lorena Bobbit carried Tingley genes are not true!!!) "
I think the rest of these pictures are readable, although you may want to click on them so you can enlarge and read them better.


  1. This book appears to be X rated.

  2. Definitely crying and peeing at the same time from laughing so hard. Also snorting red wine out through my nose onto the keyboard from...laughing so hard. Thanks for finding this.

  3. Connie, I don't know quite what to say about these explicit drawings of what to expect from a Tingley woman. But I do recognize and take to heart all of these tips(warnings).Kim guided me through the drawings which are actually diagrams.The Barbie/Ken drawings-I would forever wonder what you are doing in that drawing. For some reason it looks like there is a puddle of pee below you. Love the book. You big-bang sisters.