Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Normal Life

I've meant to take the time to blog, but I haven't actually done it.  What I have done is work.  I have also had lunch with my parents over the past few weeks, spent time with my family, and tried to stay calm during stressful times.  Basically, I have just been living a normal life.  :) 
Here are some pictures of my normal life over the past few weeks.

Here is a picture Benjamin made by doing some tracings.

Here is one of our Banana Trees.  See the stalk in the middle?  Now look at the next picture.

In just 2 - 3 days, this stalk grew and now there is another sprout coming up the middle.

See, there is the little sprout that is growing.

Jim saw this rainbow a couple weeks ago.

One of our apple trees when it was in bloom.
I like my normal life.