Thursday, April 7, 2011

Benjamin's Poetry

Benjamin's class had to write and perform poetry this year.  I was asked NOT to come to the poetry reading at school by my son, as he would be too nervous.   I respected his wishes, but really wanted to hear his I got a special one at home!  :) 

I have permission to share this poem (actually all of them) with my readers.  I know I am biased, but I think you may enjoy this one:

I Am Poem
I am jumpy
I wonder if I will break my other arm
I hear myself play videogames
I want xbox kinect
I am jumpy
I pretent I'm king of the universe
I feel happy when I eat a doughnut
I touch my ipod touch
I worry about my grades
I cry when I eat spicy food
I am jumpy
I understand math
I say "I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream"
I dream of eclipses
I try to understand social studies
I am jumpy

By Benjamin - Age 9

This week, Benjamin has started reading aloud to me in the car on our drive to and from school.  I have been enjoying this tremendously and we've had some good laughs about how he pronounces words.  For example, the word "thousand" was in a sentence (She was a thousand miles away).  He couldn't figure this out, but he has seen this word many times in a Math book.  He kept saying, "thoo sand" and looking puzzled.  I tried to get him to take it out of "English" and put it in a "Math" context.  When I finally had to pronounce it for him, he laughed really hard about his mistake. 
I hope you enjoy my silly stories about my child.  :)


  1. I love Benjamin's poem! It's Poetry Month and I am trying to write a poem a day, with prompts from Kathy.

  2. I think I should take lessons from Benjamin.That
    was a really good poem.Thank you Ben.

  3. He IS good. He needs to write a poem about "smelling Klondikes"