Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Showers

Yesterday, we had a little more than just April showers...we had some pretty destructive weather.  Tornadoes were in the area and some VERY strong winds were all over middle Tennessee.  Our home sustained minor damage...we were lucky!  Here are some pictures of the wind damage for your "enjoyment":

This was an gazebo type awning that used to be square.  Now it's a twisted heap of metal and cloth.

This awning was pull apart at the seams only!

Our chimney cap is gone.  Nowhere to be found. 
Our pool had 2 more inches of water in it yesterday evening as well.  Thanks, Mother Nature!  ;)

Last night, we also lost power at 8pm while Benjamin was doing homework.  He had to finish studying using an oil lamp and candles and a flashlight.  The house was chilly as the night wore on.  Power came back on around 5:10 this morning, but water pressure was next to nothing, so I washed my hair and face and put on extra deoderant  (ha ha) for today.  So far, no complaints about a strange odor from my cube.  HE HE!
Happy for sun, although it is darn right cold today!  BRR!


  1. We had 2 1/2 inches of rain, strong wind but no damage.We did not loose electricity. I plugged my computer back in about 10PM and lived happily
    said the bunny. Grandma is storing up on clondikes.

  2. Did you tell Benjamin that's the way OLD PEOPLE used to have to do their homework ALL THE TIME? And they had to walk 5 miles to school every day? I can just hear his response.