Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 1 of vacation

Yesterday was the first day of our vacation at Indian Shores, FL.  It's beautiful here.  We went to the beach across the street around 9am and within a couple of minutes, saw a bunch of stingrays near the shore.  They are so pretty and fun to watch.  At first, we saw just a couple, but soon we started seeing larger groups of 4 and 8 together.  For this landlocked girl, it was extremely exciting and I watched them for quite some time. 
No pictures on Day 1 - we forgot the camera in the condo!  WOOPS!  Day 2 will definitely have pictures, of some wildlife.
After an hour or so, we decided to drive out to Honeymoon Island.  It's a state park and very pretty if you go early enough.  It gets crowded fast!  The first area we went to had a really rocky sea floor and shells for days!  You HAD to wear flipflops or foot protection - you could barely see any sand and those shells are sharp!  So we hung out there for awhile and enjoyed finding some interesting shells.  I was sitting on a bench just watching the waves roll in and saw a small conch shell, so I leapt up and snatched it before anyone else could.  Later, at the condo, I had put the shells on a table.  As I was inspecting them, I realized this one I snatched up after being washed on shore was not empty!  It startled me to find a live muscle in it.  So, we took it across the street and I put it back in the ocean where it belonged.  Sure was a beautiful shell, but it seemed pretty selfish to kill the muscle to keep the shell.  I'll find others, I know. 
Looking forward to the rest of Day 2 and will write more tomorrow!


  1. Can't wait for pictures. Sounds like a fun place. When do you go to Bush Gardens?

  2. Pictures to be uploaded shortly! It is a fun place - very relaxing, not very crowded, nice condo, etc. :) We'll probably go to Busch Gardens today or tomorrow.