Sunday, March 13, 2011

A March Sunburn

Yesterday was March 12th.  TWELFTH!  That's early in the year and technically it's still winter, but I got a sunburn yesterday sitting on my back patio.  It was only supposed to be 63*F yesterday for a high, but by 9:30am it was already 65*F here in the mid-south.  I sat outside in my sweatsuit for about 30 minutes and then quickly changed into my bathing suit!!  A bathing suit at home in March...fantastic! 
Jim worked in the yard with the plants while I sat my lazy butt on the deck chair reading most of the day.  Oh, I got up to be nosy and see what Jim was working on (potting some hostas for my folks), to pet the cats, and of course, to come in and eat lunch (that Jim cooked for us).  Yeah, I'm spoiled rotten.  I need to get a move on because it's already 10am since the time changed!  Yikes!  The day is nearly gone!  ;)
Hopefully warmer days are here to stay!


  1. Getting toasted in March is good. I worked outside all day but it doesn't show.

  2. Well, you will need some of that wrinkle stuff your son keeps wanting me to get one of these days. :)