Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 3 - Indian Shores, FL

The evening of Day 2 has made us laugh about me (not at me). We were walking the beach picking up shells when I saw a bird hopping on one leg. I thought it was very interesting that we saw this one-legged bird...until Jim and Benjamin pointed out it was just resting one of its legs. We all laughed at my gullability. :)

Day 3 was gearing up to be a good day.  We went to the beach, then to the pool for a little while, then decided to spend the day back at the beach.  We packed up the tent, chairs, cooler, etc. and headed back across the street to the beach.  The tent was great!  We could get out of the sun and nap, but stayed cool with the breeze flowing through it.  The waves were bigger yesterday and we found some bigger shells that washed up on the shore.  I promise to get pictures of the devilfish this morning - heading out now!  Have a wonderful day!

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