Friday, March 11, 2011

Benjamin's Paintings

I've always encouraged Benjamin to paint and he's always loved painting.  I have one painting that hung in my office at my last job that people offered to buy.  I always loved watching him create, especially when he was much younger.  Now that he's older, it takes a little prompting to get him to relax and just go with whatever he wants to do instead of worrying about "doing it right" or staying in the lines.  
Recently, he painted outlines of his feet for my parents.
Outline of Benjamin's Feet before painting
One of the first brushstrokes


These pictures below remind me of when Benjamin would paint himself.  He once had his arms painted black and he looked like he had black gloves up past his elbows!  A bath was taken very soon after the body painting was complete! 
Benjamin at age 5 painting himself


  1. I'll bet he could even sell rocks to the neighbors if you would let him paint them.

  2. These are great pictures. He's grown so much since you took these.