Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wintertime Fun

Well, the Nashville area had some good snow this week.  Yesterday morning, it was right at 32* F, so the snow melted a little bit, but the temperature began dropping later in the day and the roads that had not been cleared began to freeze.  This meant that most subdivisions were icing over and going to be very treacherous...OR very FUN!  We opted for FUN! 

I got home early because I knew our little hill would be icy.  Jim had brought the little portable firepit out to the end of the driveway and had started a fire in it. Benjamin and another neighbor boy had been sledding a lot during the day, but were still going strong at 4:30.  I got out of my work clothes and into some playclothes and boots and went out to enjoy the cold weather and snow that had begun to fall again. 
The kids were having a ball, sledding down the hill and into the yards.  Then the adults got into the fun and began sledding as well.  Jim went the fastest and the furthest.  He actually made the turn at the bottom of the hill onto the side road and went pretty far.  We were going to have him pick up some milk from the corner store, but we didn't need any.  HA HA HA!  My first run down the hill ended in a wipeout...which made us ALL laugh.  After much prodding and begging, we talked Benjamin into riding on the sled on my back as I was on my stomach.  He was really scared, but after the first run with me, all he could say was, "THAT was FUN!  Let's go again, Mom!"  Of course, our second run ended in a wipeout, but neither of us was hurt.

We have a few pictures and if the weather cooperates, as I believe it will, I'll post those and more tomorrow.

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