Friday, January 7, 2011

Funerals are for the living

My mother has had 2 friends pass away since the beginning of 2011.  We all know it's part of life, but it's still sad when this happens.  Mom's blog today said she hoped we threw a party for her funeral, and I've always felt the same way about my own funeral.  I always said I would put some money and plans aside for food, drink, song, and fun for those who attend my funeral.  But wait, then *I* would miss out on the party.  Why don't we have funerals before we die?  Funerals ARE for the living.  The deceased may be there in spirit, but rarely will you be able to communicate with them.  (okay, I am not going to get into spirits and such in this blog...maybe later....because I do have some great "ghost stories")
When my mom's brother, (my uncle) Jim, died, we talked about funerals then as well and how we should have them while we're still alive.  So why not do it?  Well, because we don't know when we'll die...if we have our "living funeral" too soon in life, people we meet later in life would have missed the fun.  And if we wait too long, other's might die before we have a party...or we might die before we have a party.  Or maybe this is what birthday parties are for.
So I guess the lesson is that we should sieze each day as if it were our last.  Enjoy each moment of sun, rain, hail, or snow.  Embrace the sad times, because without them, we wouldn't realize how happy we can be.  Stop and listen to the sounds in your world, whether it's horns honking in a busy city, tree frogs croaking in your backyard, casino slot machines ringing in your ears, or just the quiet after a long day and the kids are in bed.  And leave the funerals for the living.

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  1. Well, if I get really, really sick then you kids can have a party for me and I CAN still come. Sounds good to me.