Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to the Family!

Some people in my family are known for misspeaking or saying one thing when they mean another.  This is cause for laughter most of the time.  Here are a few examples:
My mother was talking to Benjamin one afternoon about a movie and asked him, "Have you seen the movie 'High'?"  I guess Benjamin paused a moment, thinking about it, then said, "Grandma, do you mean 'Up!'?" and they both laughed.   Another time, Benjamin was asking me why there were 2 listings on the TV Guide for the Dish Network right after we had it installed.  Well, one of the channels is in High Definition, which is also known as "HD" and sometimes as "Hi Def".  I combined the two in my answer to him and said, "One of the channels is 'Hi D'". Of course, we both started laughing at that answer. 
Well, yesterday, when Benjamin was sledding, he ran into the guy-wire next to a pole in the neighborhood and really bruised his leg badly.  He is fine, but is going to have a purple leg for awhile.  As he was telling me about it last night, he said, "I was sledding down the hill and hit the 'man-wire' and bruised my leg."  Jim started laughing and said, "Benjamin, it's a 'guy-wire'" and we all laughed.  Benjamin then ran down the hall and back into the kitchen very quickly and said, "WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!" and we all laughed some more.

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  1. One time Carol LaFavor told of their daughter, Leslie, wanting to tell something that was a family traight. Instead of saying "It's in the Genes", she said, "It's in the shorts".

    Thanks for not telling about me having an autopsy. HA HA HA HA