Thursday, January 6, 2011

Laughing About Ourselves

In response to one of my ealier blogs, my sister Kim said she would never laugh at me, she would laugh about me.  So today, I had just set my things down at my desk at work.  My laptop was on my desk, my lunch cooler was on the floor, my coat was over my chair and I was going to get some coffee.  3 of my co-workers were sitting nearby chatting as I turned to walk to the kitchen.  My foot got caught in the strap of my lunch cooler and I did this lunge and large step, nearly falling over, but catching myself at the last minute.  On of the women BURST out laughing, just like I would have done, which made us all laugh really hard ABOUT what happened. 
At lunch, the girl in the cube next to me had heated up some vegetable soup and brought it back to her desk.  As she went to set it down, she tripped on the chair mat in her cube and spilled her soup all over the floor.  I actually waited 3 seconds before I burst out laughing as she was cussing and laughing about what she did. 
So today has been fun laughing about ourselves and others.  I hope you can laugh a little about our blunders or even your own that might be funny! 


  1. I am laughing at Jesus's teeth...

  2. :D I am too, now that you pointed them out.