Friday, October 1, 2010

Singing Kittens

Some of you know that we have cats. LOTS of cats. I think we have 10 cats and 3 kittens...and more on the way. They are all outdoor cats and a lot of fun, most of the time. We have a white cat that has one blue eye and one green/yellow eye and loves to be petted. AND, if you will pick him up and start scratching his neck behind his ears, he will begin to lay back and just become so relaxed and will stay there as long as you scratch this spot or his back.
However, none of my cats sing or play horns like the cats in this commercial:

You don't really even need the sound (it's really annoying)...just watch the cats on the left and right "play" their horns. Cracks me up every time!


  1. Connie,

    I looked at the Quizno's ad and one of the other video's they had there was the commercial with the piggy crying wee wee wee all the way home. It's pretty cute.

  2. Mom - we have seen that commercial a few times's annoyingly cute! :)

  3. My favorite Geico commercial is the one about Honest Abe.