Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A masterpiece in the sky

Once again, I sit here wondering what to write about...feeling like I'm letting my readers down by not blogging more regularly.  I think highly of myself and my blogs, huh?  :D  I like to write about funny keeps me from griping about the things that bug me and I think I like myself better when I'm funny and thoughtful rather than grumpy and bitchy.   And right now, I have something I want to gripe about, but I'm trying REALLY hard to just let it go, as I cannot control the issue/person/situation.  *SIGH*

*** A few minutes pass ***

Yesterday, there were some storms in the area.  Not as bad as they predicted for Nashville, but still very windy and rainy and there was some damage in areas around here.  After I picked Benjamin up from school, we were driving home.  As we got past the I-24/I-65 split north of Nashville, the sky looked so beautiful to the North.  It was pinkish purple and the clouds were very interesting looking.  Benjamin even said they looked really neat and appreciated the color.  Then, I saw in my side mirror the Southwest where the sun was setting and it was a gorgeous orange/pink.  Benjamin turned around in the car and said, "Oh, that's really pretty!  Kind of NEON!"  I love it that he can appreciate these natural masterpieces at a young age.  I hope he continues to be able to appreciate these little things in life.


  1. Voodoo dolls are nice sometimes at work.

  2. I use to keep a sex rock on my desk. When
    someone ask me what a sex rock was I would tell
    them, just a f ing rock.

  3. These are great ideas....but it's not work this time. It's the "ex"...grrrrr.....but a voodoo doll might come in handy in this case.... :D

  4. Kathleen, I think the "ex rock" would end up being dust in no time! :)