Friday, September 17, 2010

Whump whump whump whump

This morning in rush hour, I hit a huge bump in the road that I hit everyday. It's almost entirely unavoidable. The only difference is that it gave me a flat tire on my front driver side tire today. Thanks!

So I didn't realize it at first, but something sounded and felt a little odd after I hit the bump. As I rounded the turn from I-24 Eastbound onto I-40 Westbound, I still didn't really feel any pull or hear any strange noise...yet I still "felt" something wasn't quite right. So I merge onto I-40 and am getting ready to go south on I-65 and realize, I need to get over now. Of course, no one would allow me to get back over and instead of just stopping on the interstate, like I wanted to do, I drove a little further on. Then, as I rounded the turn onto I-65 Southbound, the "whump whump whump" started and I pulled into the "zebra stripes" between the merging lanes of I-40 East and West to I-65 Southbound. HOLY CRAP! Not a good place to be. Suddenly, I realized there was NO taffic coming from the lanes to my right, so I was able to drive across and get onto the shoulder where it was a bit safer. So I called the non-emergency number for Nashville Metro Police to have them send a TDOT truck to help me change my tire. Oh, who am I kidding, there was no "help" about it, I needed them to actually do all the work. I just didn't have the strength to undo the lugnuts. So I called and told them where I was. About 10 minutes later, I saw the TDOT truck go past me. Woops! I assumed he would go down to the Wedgewood exit and get back on the interstate and come back around to help me. 25 minutes later, no help had arrived, so I called back to tell them to send someone. I gave very explicit instructions that they should get on I-40 going Eastbound and pick up I-65 south and I was right next to the "Bacar Contruction" sign and directly across from the Science museum. I was assured help was on the way.

A few minutes later, a 1970's conversion van pulled in front of me on the shoulder and began to back up. I could see curtains in the windows and a man's face as he had turned around to back up. I was a little afraid at this point, but glad to possibly have some help. This nice man from Marshall County TN came to my window and said, "You're in a bad spot here. I can get your tire changed fast and get you out of here." I agreed and Benjamin and I got out of the card and down in the ditch while this man risked his life to change my tire. I was literally praying he would be safe the entire time. And Benjamin was so good and calm while I was so nervous and worried.

So my flat was changed with at FULL SIZE SPARE! Yeah! I love my VW! I had to put some air in the tire, but we were all set. The nice man wouldn't give me his name or take anything for helping me, so I certainly hope karma comes into play for him soon!


  1. Um, why are his license plates blacked out?

  2. Well, Marshall County people are like that, yea they are. I had a flat coming home from Chapel Hill once and was walking home and some lady turned around, got to me and said let me take you. She was a neighbor mother's mom. OF course she was a mom.

    I'm SO glad someone came to help but where the heck did the guy go that was actually supposed to help?

  3. Kim, that was a random picture from the Internet and I did that as a courtesy to the owner, that's all. It wasn't his van, just one that looked like it.
    Mom, I called the non-emergency number twice and watched the TDOT trucks go by in the wrong direction twice. I waved each time, but they didn't come to me. I don't know what part of "Take I-40 East to I-65 South" they didn't understand. Oh, well.
    Who knew my guardian angel was in the form of a country boy in a conversion van! :D

  4. A country boy from Marshall County driving a van
    can't be a bad thing. Even one driving a small