Friday, September 24, 2010

Beyond Busy

I have been very busy this week at work..working...working...interviewing people to work with me...and working some more. I have had no time to write, let alone read blogs. So this morning I read the blogs that have gone unread this week. And now I am writing...about nothing, really.

We've had some changes here at work and people are going to be moving to different cubicles, which involves me moving their phones and computers for them. I think we have 14 people that need to move in October at some point. I also have to move my "stuff" one cubicle over. Whatever.

But the great thing was when my boss suggested that we put this new IT person that will work for me in a closet where a large copier/printer/scanner actually is right now. It was suggested that we would move the copier out onto the sales floor and put this new person in there. Before he even finished the sentence, I said, "No." Just flat out "No." I rarely do that at work. I have realized that it pays to listen to the complete thought, but I didn't think this thought had been completed by the executives. I said, "I'm not putting a new IT person in a closet on the sales floor. He would have everyone coming up to him asking for help and I'm not putting a new person in that position." My thoughts were heard loud and clear. I then suggested maybe *I* get the closet...I might like having a door to shut! Of course, when I was later talking to some of the folks out here where I currently sit, we started laughing about me going "in the closet" when so many folks are trying to "come out of the closet". Laughter made the situation much better. And now no one is going in the closet and I think we'll all be happy with our new seating assingments next month.


  1. I'm glad you don't have to go into a closet. Working in the dark is really hard.

  2. All depends on what you are doing, like teaching
    by brail. I won't say teaching what.