Thursday, September 9, 2010

Songs from my memory

I have been humming songs from childhood today. Not sure why, but I have. The first one I started singing in my head was "Going to the Zoo" by Peter, Paul, & Mary. We sang this in Mrs. Wier's music class at Hoose. We sang a LOT of songs in that class through the years - it was one of my favorite classes.

The other song that I have been trying to find an MP3 for is "The Ricky-Tick Song" by Teresa Brewer. I loved that song and would love to have a copy of it. We had this song on a 45 that Mark and I used to listen to all the time. There were some good songs on those old records - I wish I knew where they were. I remember singing and dancing to these songs and I think now maybe Benjamin would get a good laugh from these songs and might even enjoy them!


  1. Is this the same Teresa Brewer that sang
    This Old House when I was in the navy in

  2. Dad, are you a time traveller? Wow!

  3. Ha ha, Kim! :)

    Dad, not sure if she is the one or not. I could not find any songs with that title by her, but she definitely had a lot of albums during the 50s and 60s.

  4. IF we had it on a 45 we MIGHT still have it. I'll try to remember to check when I get home. Remind me Tuesday.

  5. I will explain it all to youall when I get back
    to my trip to VEGA. In fact there be another challange for the four none space travelers.