Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well, I cannot think of anything to write about. Usually, I am not in a place to write something down when I come up with a good idea and then I forget it. And most of those times, Benjamin is not with me to write down my thoughts as well. Maybe I should carry a little voice recorder, then I could record my thoughts and play them back later. Now there's an idea!
Actually, I've been really busy at work lately. I had to let a guy go a couple weeks ago, so I'm doing a lot of work, reviewing resumes, interviewing people, making notes about the interviews, and generally staying busy. I like being busy at work, so it's not a big deal. I just hate it when a sales person emails and asks if we're still working towards a project they bid on, then I tell them that project has been tabled indefinitely (which it has), but if we do decide to start that project back up, I'll call them. Actually, I don't hate the initial email, it's the one RIGHT AFTER I said, "The project has been tabled indefinitely", meaning there is no way in hell they are getting our business anytime soon, and they want to come to the office to meet with me to talk about the project. I REALLY want to reply back, "What part of 'tabled indefinitely' do you not understand?". But I won't. I will once again explain that I am trying to work 2 jobs, interview people to fill a vacant position, and since the project has been tabled indefinitely, I think we should push our meeting until there is hope for the project to resume or something like that. Any ideas on how to word this that will get the point across in a business-like manner? :D C'mon you guys, I know you all have something clever to say.
Well, it looks like I did have something to blog about today, huh?


  1. I could think of a reply but it would NOT be businesslike. Sorry

  2. Tell them dad said,"I will call you as soon as
    there activity and some direction from my leaders. Right now my leader said to get busy
    with the priorities I have assigned to you and get busy on your hire."

  3. The code word to comment on your blog was
    TINGO. Isn't there a song that. TINGO WAS HER

  4. LOL! I could just see my reply, "My dad said .... "! HA HA HA! And yes, Tingo was my namo! ;)