Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today, I got to be a hero...or more grammatically correct, I got to be a heroine. I walked into the office this morning and someone said one of the women was looking for me. Geez, I hadn't even gotten to my desk and I was needed, but that is the life of the IT Chick here. ;) It seems that she had deleted an entire folder in our Public Folders in our email system. NOT a good thing. So I quickly booted up my laptop and began a search on how to restore public folders in Exchange (the email server program we use here). Amazingly, Microsoft has a tool for just that purpose! So I downloaded this little tool, installed it and quickly read how to use the program. Within 15 minutes, I had restored the folder to its original location and all the messages that were in the folder. Now, if I could just fix the problem with our phone system. Does anyone know a Cisco phone system expert? :)


  1. Why yes, I do. His name is Noserfig Butisted. His phone number is 01101010100011 or something like that.

  2. Damn, that number's OLD Dad! From Saint Patrick's. Please don't post my new number on the Internet though! Besides, I don't know Cisco, I work on a different brand.