Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On a roll

Last week, one of the women at work stopped me and asked me what was happening on her computer when she would type and the text would not immediately appear, but after a few seconds, it would slowly come across the screen. Somehow, my brain was working quickly that morning, and I said, "It's a delay" and just looked at her. It was pretty funny to see her reaction and then we both laughed and I explained that it happened to me sometimes too. Of course, the problem she was having was chatting online with her husband, so it wasn't work-related and I didn't have to fix it, just explain that "it happens".

Yesterday, I was working on a work-related issue on another computer and the "plant guy" came into our office area and was tending to the plants. He took out his scissors to trim one of the plants and as he snipped it, I said, "OW!" loud enough for him and a few others to hear. Of course, I cracked up laughing and so did the others! The plant guy just said, "Oh, it doesn't hurt them - plants don't have feelings." Which made me laugh harder because he was serious!

I can't wait to see what opportunitites for me to be a smarta$$ present themselves today. :)

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