Monday, June 13, 2011

Mowed Grass

We used to have a local man mow our grass for a very reasonable price.  After a week or so of waiting for his regular appearance, Jim gave him a call and left a message.  After repeated messages and no return call or visit to our knee-high-grassy yard, we decided that something must have happened to him, although we're still hopeful he is okay.  (He is also a Nashville Firefighter) So we decided to purchase our own mower.  We had loaned our push mower to some "friends" and I seriously doubt we'd ever find them or the mower in this lifetime.  So Jim did a lot of research on mowers and we decided on a Craftsman riding mower.  It's pretty nifty and easy to drive.  What I like is the 8" turn radius!  WHEEE!  I'm so easy to please. 
So our grass is now cut and will remained in the "groomed" state until winter.  And if Benjamin has his way, he'll be doing the mowing from now least in the front yard. 

1 comment:

  1. Looks good on the mower. When did he overcome his fear of mowers? He would never get near my old clunker. About time he started earning his keep.