Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crazy Weather and The Sane Lane

Crazy weather....well, not really.  It's pretty normal weather.  HOT HOT HOT...and severe thunderstorms...followed by thick morning fog.  Well, I thought the fog was a bit unusual, but after the heat was so hot yesterday, followed by some wicked storms, complete with hail and some rotating clouds above the office (not a tornado), I suppose some thick fog was in order.

The fog was so thick this morning, that when I left my house, I went "the long way" to get to HWY 41 so I would not have to guess if someone was coming around the bend as I was pulling onto the road.  Smart idea, huh?  ;)  The long way is approximately .3 miles out of my way.  HA HA!

At one point, I think there was about 25 feet of visibility...I knew where the stoplight was supposed to be, I just couldn't see it until I was almost to it.  Thank goodness it was green!  Thank goodness my lane of traffic was the sane lane.  The right lane on HWY 41 coming down from Ridgetop was for the drivers who had their headlights on, travelling the speed limit and leaving distance between each other.  The left lane, however, was for the idiots.  They were going 65 or better, no headlights or just parking lights on.  Okay, there were a couple of idiots who were using their headlights, but I was floored at how many folks did NOT have headlights on. 

Thank goodness the fog cleared as I neared the interstate and the rest of the morning was gorgeous!  CLEAR blue skies, bright sunshine, and moderate temperatures....which quickly climbed back up into the oppressive range.  *SIGH*  It was nice while it lasted.

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