Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Benjamin's First Rollercoaster

Yesterday, we went to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN and had a fantastic time!  We spent most of the time in the water park because it was SO hot!  The first water slide, the Watubee, we got on allowed all of us, Jim, Benjamin, our nieces Katy and Hailey, and me to all ride together.  We nearly flipped the float we were in and all of us LOVED that ride.  Nothing really compared in excitement at the water park after that first ride, but we did have a lot of fun.
As we were leaving, Benjamin said he wanted to see if he was tall enough to ride The Raven, one of the roller coasters at the park.  It's a wooden roller coaster that goes 60 MPH during the ride at some parts and has an 80 foot drop and 61 foot drop.  For anyone who likes roller coasters, this is definitely a fun one to ride. Since he was tall enough, we asked him if he really wanted to ride it.  He said yes, so we got in line.  We opted for a middle car this first time and as we were waiting for the cars to arrive, he said, "I'm nervous.  My legs are shaking."  We got in the cars, buckled up and away we went.  Going up the hill, he had his head hidden in my shoulder, but eventually looked around and as we got to the top and started over the hill for the first drop, he began screaming.  He screamed the ENTIRE RIDE and I was laughing and screaming with him.  Near the end, he said, "I hate roller coasters!" and I was worried he really didn't like it, but as we were walking to meet Jim, I asked him if he wanted to ride it again some day and he said, "YES!"  I'm sure glad he likes roller coasters as much as I do! 
This is a picture of the first drop into the tunnel

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