Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I have sent my dad a Father's Day card, wished him Happy Father's Day on Facebook, and now am writing a blog to honor him.  I'll call him later just to be sure he's having a good day.  :)
I could sit here and write a bunch of words about Dad, but I think I'd like to share my memories via photographs.  Enjoy!
This is Dad when he was a little boy. 

This is Dad and his brother Gale when they were young

Here is Dad and Gale in 2010

This is Dad with his beautiful family in the early 60's.

This is me and Dad in the 70's

Dad and Mom - what a handsome couple!

Benjamin and Grandad.
We were in Oklahoma in the picture above and there was music playing outside.  Dad kneeled down with Benjamin and began singing to him.  I was lucky enough to capture the magical moment.

Do I really need a caption for this picture?  I think the T-Shirt says it all.

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