Friday, December 10, 2010

A Non-Technical Christmas

This year, Benjamin asked for an iPod for Christmas.  YIKES!  That's a lot of moolah!  So I suggested that he had a lot of technology in his life an maybe we'd have a non-technology Christmas at our house this year.  He seemed open to this idea and I helped him create a small Christmas list.  I love what he is asking for:

A Monkey Pillow Pet
Second choice is a Frog Pillow Pet
Canvases for painting

I think he's made some good choices for non-technical gifts this year.  We also purchased season passes for Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN for the 2011 season for us, so that is part of our Christmas too. 

Benjamin had a non-technical Birthday this year too.  He got a lot of board games, a boomerang, and other outdoor gifts.  What a lucky kid!  


  1. I agree with your idea, but there is the $49 ipod nano...

  2. Connie, we will give toward the iPod if you want to get that one.