Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Dollar for a Newspaper

In Nashville, there is a program to help homeless people become, well, "un-homeless".  Well, there are actually many programs here, but the one I am blogging about is the sales of "The Contributor", a newspaper written by Nashville's own homeless population.  The program is structured to give people back their independence, pride, and life.  The vendors of the newspaper purchase each paper for 25 cents and sell each paper for $1.00 at streetcorners and intersections around town.  They have many requirements of them and must live up to the standards and rules of the program. 
I have seen these vendors at an intersection I stop at every day on my drive to work.  I always think to myself, "Gosh, I should keep some dollar bills handy so I can get a paper".  Well, last week, I happened to have a dollar bill and there just happened to be a vendor at this corner where I must stop.  I asked Benjamin to roll down his window and hold the dollar out.  This man ran up to the car and just beamed at us as he gave us the paper and took the dollar from B.  He told us thank you, said, "Merry Christmas and God Bless You".  The smile on his face was just incredible.  It also gave me another opportunity to explain to Benjamin what the man was doing and why.  B said, "I have dollars at home we can keep in the car for next time."  That really was a special few minutes for me - to see the joy on a man's face, to help out a fellow man, to teach a small lesson to my son and have him understand and want to participate.  What a wonderful day that was. 


  1. I just heard them talking about this on NPR. Some of these people have actually made a LOT of money doing this. GOOD FOR THEM.

    Your son has a tender heart, Connie. How neat. AND...if you want to bring me something for Christmas, a couple of those newspapers would be GREAT.

  2. Benjamin is smarter than the average bear!