Monday, December 6, 2010


Different people communicate in different ways.  When I was married to Gregg, we would go over to my sister Jill's house to work on her computer occasionally.  Many times, our conversations about what was wrong and what do do would go something like this:

Me:  "Do you think...."
G:  "Yes, but you..."
Me: "Yep, there it is"
G: "Okay, Good"
Me: "Okay, Jill, it's fixed"
Jill would be standing there either looking dumbfounded or laughing hystercially at what had just transpired. 

When Mark and I worked together at BGA, we often did the same thing.  I'd be researching an issue and I'd find something and mention a couple of words to him, like "Global Catalog", and he would then get on the server and solve the problem.   Sometimes, we would be working on an issue and I'd be at the keyboard at the server and get to a stopping point, then Mark would get on the computer for a few minutes, do some work that he was the "expert" on, then tag me and I'd get back on the server to finish the issue.  It got to be pretty funny sometimes. 

So today, I asked my co-worker if he had begun migrating some accounts from one server to the other.  He said, "No, I'll get right on that".  Then, a few seconds later, he said, "Is it 4343?"  I said, "No, it's 8080", he said, "No, the address is 4343, right?"  Me:  "Yes, I thought you meant the port" and I started laughing because it was such a cryptic conversation that no one else might really understand.  Maybe even you aren't laughing, but that's will one day.  ;)

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  1. If I can't laugh with you, I'll laugh about you. Never at you.