Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Thanksgiving Funnies

I realize it's been more than a day since I last left you with some giggles.  Work has been fact, I worked this morning. (aww, poor me...haha)

So I last left you in giggles about Friday evening.  I did forget one part that Mom reminded me of in her comment that is SO worth repeating.  When we were walking through the casino floor, mom saw one of the cocktail waitresses.  They wear uniforms...that are short....very short...and low cut...very low cut.  Mom says, "Oh, they must have run out of fabric when they made her uniform".  I nearly fell over I was laughing so hard.  Sorry I forgot to put that part in the first one! 

So as we're getting on the elevator to the parking garage so I can send Mom and Dad home, the guy on the elevator said something about "which way are you going?" One of us said up to get our car and one of us said something about the 23rd floor. I remember the guy saying "You're parked on the 23rd floor!!? Mom said, "Yea, he's got a hot air balloon up there on the 23rd floor."   We can't remember what that guy said, but Dad said, "Yea, I have a pilots license."   Somehow we made it up to the car on the 3rd floor of the garage and they made it home.  I called them to check and be sure!  LOL

Saturday morning, Mom and Dad were coming back over to meet us...and I called them....and mom was laughing...because they couldn't find where they parked the truck!  I said, "Gee, I didn't think you guys were drunk last night!"  (They weren't, for the record!)  I don't recall when I have laughed so hard about so many goofy and funny things.  Definitely a Thanksgiving to remember! 


  1. DEFINITELY A THANKSGIVING TO REMEMBER. It was 75 degrees here yesterday and I kept thinking, why couldn't it of done that last week-end.

    Maybe we wouldn't of giggled as much if it had been. I'd probably of been scared to death of the shells that had monsters crawling out of them.

  2. I can picture the whole funny scene! Thanks for sharing it, Connie!