Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving on the Beach

We spent Thanksgiving in Biloxi, MS this year.  Jim and I arrived Wednesday night around 9pm and the temperature was a wonderful 70 degrees.  Thursday morning, we had breakfast on the beach.  Oh, nothing fancy...McDonald's "to go", but it sure was nice to eat on the beach in the partly-sunny morning with a temperature in the 70s and rising.  Mom and Dad were on their way and would arrive within 30 minutes.  Finally they found us on the beach and we all walked the shoreline for awhile.  We found some shells and a few hermit crabs that were in them.  I found an empty hermit crab shell and gave it to mom to take with her.  A few minutes later, she screamed and THREW the shell!  Woops, it wasn't empty!  Sorry, Mom!  It wasn't intentional.  We didn't find any buried treasure, but I think we all enjoyed the time in the warm sun and sand. 
Later, we came up to our hotel room and had a Thanskgiving toast with some nice cabernet.  After that, we all stuffed ourselves at the Thanksgiving Buffet at the Beau Rivage.  It was a great day and wonderful evening spent with family.

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  1. Yes, it WAS a wonderful time with family. The buffet was wonderful and the cabernet was good too. I usually don't indulge anymore because of OLD AGE but this was just a nice day.

    Now about the crab shell. Well, not sure she didn't know there was one in there because later I got a second one with a crab in it too. I put them in a paper cup and they are in the truck. If we see something crawling on the window I'll know these had something in them too.
    Just teasing.

    It was a good time and the room was spectactular and scenery too.