Monday, November 22, 2010


I thought that the full moon occuring on Saturday night (right?) would alleviate some of the craziness of the past week.  I mean, Thursday's and Friday's traffic in Nashville was completely nuts - you would have thought everyone on the road only had a learner's permit!  :D
So I was hoping for a nice, "holiday week Monday"...meaning not too many on the road and not too many in the office.  WRONG!  For starters, people not letting me merge...then a horrible smell that made me pull over for fear MY car had something burning (it didn't).  Then, some crazed lunatic in a BMW decided that he would drive 90+ MPH in rush hour traffic and swerve in and out of 4 lanes.  THAT was exciting to watch...he actually didn't cause or get into an accident. 
Then the day began at work...H O L Y   M O L Y!  It was just one thing after another after another.  At 11:30, I said, "I am leaving and WILL be back...but I'm leaving so I do not blow a gasket at someone who doesn't deserve it" and I left the building and went to get my hair trimmed.  :)  How nice to have my scalp massaged and a little pampering for a few minutes.  *SIGH*
Even the guy who works with me said, "You have a smile on your face now!" when I returned. He's such a good kid!  :)
And I am VERY EXCITED about spending Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad in Biloxi this year!  I really hate it that B will be with his Dad....maybe next year we'll all get together. 
Hopefully the tides have turned and things will be smooth sailing for awhile.  :)


  1. I hope the lanes have relaxed and people wake up about driving. Connie, most people that drive in Nashville have little more than a learners permit if you remember.

    I'm not sure some of them have that down here.

    We, too, are looking forward to Thanksgiving and being with you two. Would LOVE to have B too but understand. Didn't say I liked it but I do understand.

    Forty-eight hours and we'll be on our way. YEA!!!!

  2. Hey, I always so HOLY MOLY, too! Do you say HOLY MOLY MOTHER OF MERCY if it's really a doozy? Where did we get that? Mom?

  3. Kim - I hardly ever say Holy Moly in real life. The things I DO say, I cannot type here...they would be censored. :) Potty mouth.