Monday, November 1, 2010

Mind Power

The whole idea of the mind and thoughts being able to have an effect (affect?) on physical matter is something I've always been interested in learning more about and also trying to unlock the powers in my mind that exist there.  Noetic Science is probably a bit "out there" for most of us, but it's really applied more than people realize.  Ever hear of "the power of prayer"?  How about "mind over matter"? 

I've always had an interest in the brain.  In 3rd grade, I did a report on the brain and was hooked.  I remember having the encyclopedia out and tracing the brain on a thin piece of paper and transferring that to a piece of white felt for part of my report.  Later, I began reading books by Tori Hayden which were about her real-life experiences teaching "special" children, including gifted and autistic children.  What initrigued me was how the autistic person in her stories seemed "locked away" by her mind and how she tried to break through to the children.  It made me want to be a brain surgeon (I like to fix things), but I didn't take that route in life.  I also wanted to be a special education teacher, specializing in Learning Disabled/Behaviorally Disordered children.  I started down that path, then changed direction when I got too attached to some kids in a classroom I worked in.  Instead, I now try to figure out what is wrong with computers and networks and keep them up and running.  I work with mechanical brains, which are much less powerful and much less emotional than human brains. 
I still do a lot of thinking about how I would like to tap into the real power of my mind.  I know that I make a lot of decisions on facts, but I always try to listen to my gut...the hunch that comes with a decision.  I want to see if I can tap into that inner voice more.  After I finish (or maybe even while I'm still reading) The Lost Symbol, I will do some research and learning about Noetic Science.  It's something that has interested me for a week now, and many things just do not hold my attention that long anymore.  ;)


  1. I have this person I talk to every day and they
    reply. I know this person so well that I know
    what they would say to almost any conversation.
    I can't tell you who it is because a secret of
    a friend is not mine to give.

  2. hey connie lou! and what about the studies that say placebo medicines are often more effective than the real ones, i think that's fascinating!

  3. Kim, I find that fascinating too!