Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Possum, a frog, and a mouse

No, it's not the beginning of a dirty joke...or a clean one either.  I am referring to my interactions of these animals over the past few weeks. 

First, the possum.  A couple of Sundays ago, I went outside and noticed that something had been in our trashcan and torn up the trash bag to find something good to eat, I suppose.  I went over to clean it all up and as I went to push the empty trashcan from a leaning position to an upright position, I saw a possum in the bottom of this trashcan and he just looked up at me.  I didn't stick around long - jumped back, said a few choice cuss words and went inside.  Realizing the possum wasn't getting out anytime soon, I went ahead and went about my business, waiting for Jim and Jim Jr. to wake up.  Finally, I talked Jim Jr. into taking the possum in the trashcan over to the woods to release him.  Hurray for guys!  :)

Last week, I was getting into my shower and noticed a tree frog in the tub.  He was SO cute!  He was light green with black eyes and about the size of a half-dollar (remember those?).  I was able to get him into my hands and take him outside to the flowerbed.

The mouse was not as lucky as the possum and the frog.  We had to set a trap for him last night and this morning, he was not among the living anymore.  He was pretty ugly.  He had some nasty long teeth!  YUCK!  Of course, I took him out to the cats and they didn't want it, but the kittens decided he was worth fighting over.  They were really funny to watch with this dead mouse.  Maybe they will take a hint and catch live ones before they get into the house!

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