Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crossing Paths

Over my short life, I've crossed paths with many people - sometimes more than once.  I was thinking about that this morning and thought it would be kind of neat to see how many times we have crossed paths our current friends and acquaintances. 

See, this all started when I was in high school.  When I was a senior, I was taking a speech class and one of the guys in there gave a speech on the Cubs and said something about growing up in the midwest.  After class, I asked him where he had grown up.  He said "Illinois".  I asked him what town.  He said, "Oh, you've probably never even heard of it."  I said, "Try me."  He said, "Normal".   Of course, I told him that is where I was born.  It turns we were in morning Kindergarten, but had different teachers.  He said that he had moved after Kindergarten, so I asked him where he had lived.  He started naming a few more states and when he got to "Indiana", I stopped him and said that I had lived in Indiana for 4 years.  Turns out, we were both in Carmel at the same time, but went to two different Jr. High Schools.  And then we were in high school together in Tennessee.  We ended up going to our Sr. Prom together and hung out the summer after we graduated high school.  He came to visit me one time in college, but I have not heard from him since then. 

I also thought about meeting my 1st husband by chance.  We had both lived in Indiana at the same time, but opposite sides of Indianapolis.  We had gone to different high schools in Tennessee in neighboring towns, but we were at UTK at the same time and had been going to Belmont at the same time when we met through a mutual friend. 

And I am sure that Jim and I crossed paths at some point years ago.  Mom used to take us down to Music Row, which doesn't exist anymore.  Jim had a shop called "The Hat Closet" and I am sure we were in there or near there at least once or twice. 

Yes, I think these random thoughts a lot.  Do you have random thoughts?  ;)


  1. I think someone planned the whole thing.

  2. I think all my thoughts are probable random.