Thursday, August 4, 2011


My doc gave me some numbers last week.  90, 50, 184, 52, 70, and 104.  These are all GOOD numbers.  For instance, my fasting blood sugar level was 90.  That's good.  My Vitamin D level is 50.  Well, DUH!  Have you seen my tan?   HE HE!  My total cholesterol is 184, Triglycerides were 52, HDL was 70 and LDL was 104.  I have to say I am very pleased with these results.  Pleased and relieved.  I know I am not as healthy as I could be, but I do try to eat right most of the time and I have really good genes.  Thanks, Mom and Dad! 
I had some other appointments with tests run and the results they sent me said I am "Normal".  Okay, they didn't really say *I* was normal, but the results were within the normal range.  I guess if they had said I was normal, I would have probably reported them to whoever handles docs who don't know what they are talking about.  HA HA!  The only thing normal about me is where I was born, and I'm really proud of that!  :D


  1. Wait, proud to be born in Normal? Or proud that nothing else about you is normal? I am glad your results are *within the normal ranges*.

  2. I was normal once. Boring
    . Your numbers are great!