Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A letter to Santa

Last night, we were looking at some old pictures and in this album was a letter I wrote to Santa in 1976....I was 7 years old. I have read it a few times and laugh so hard that I cry each time. So I had Benjamin read it out loud to Jim and me. (I typed it the way it was written)

"Dear Santa for Chrismas I want the Sunshine family + Baby alive + a box of candy for my mom it's supposed to be a surpise.
I want lots of other thing but I cant think of them love Connie"

At this point, Benjamin was making fun of my spelling and such. Then he read the rest of it and could not finish it, he was laughing so hard. I hope you laugh until you cry too! :)

"P.S. Tell the Dorfs I love them. and I love you toooo"

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  1. Did you let Benjamin read my comments of
    7/31/10 to my blog of 7/29/10.