Saturday, August 7, 2010

Emails from Uncle Gale

My Uncle Gale sends me emails at least once a week. Some of them contain dirty jokes or pictures that are really funny. Others contain nice sentiments. Recently, I received on that was very nostalgic and I'll share some of it with you. The email was entitled "Your Childhood in Pictures".

Metal ice cube trays. I remember getting my fingers stuck to them and it hurt very badly.

My Grandad Tingley had a camera like this one, I think. I just remember him taking pictures and holding this box-like thing and looking down into it. This was in the 70's when there were the Polaroid One Step cameras.

45 RMP spindle! :)

I do not recall this, but it made me laugh. Nothing says Christmas like Cigarettes for Christmas!

Remember 5 cent baseball cards? Remember when they came with that really hard bubble gum?

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  1. I knew Uncle Gale was a dirty old man and sent
    dirty jokes but I don't think he was ever child.
    TEE HEE.