Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Runaway Thoughts

So I've wanted to blog for awhile, but never created one. I have thoughts that run through my brain and I think, "this would be good for a blog" and then they either get stuck in there or just go into outer space somewhere. I wonder if that's true...that your thoughts either stay in your brain, filed away, or actually go out into space and take up room. Yes, these are the types of things my brain thinks of occassionally, when I'm walking down the hall or sitting by the pool daydreaming.
Sometimes my thoughts are funny and make me laugh out loud. Then people look at me strangely because I'm laughing out lout by myself. Ah, I'm used to it. Enough people have laughed at me that I've learned to laugh at myself too. I'm pretty funny sometimes, even when I don't mean to be. Maybe I'll be funny on here one day. We shall see. My humor sometimes doesn't "translate" well and can be quite obscure. Just ask my brother. He said we cannot be comedians because we're not Japanese.


  1. I think you are hilarious and you also have the very best laugh ever.

  2. "your thoughts...actually go out into space and take up room"

    My thoughts go into my room and take up space. That's why I don't clean the house anymore, I end up throwing out perfectly good thoughts...

  3. you have been funny since you started talking. You used to take a drink of juice and then sigh loudly and say "good beer!"