Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kids and Honesty

My son is 9 and keeps me laughing most of the time. When he was 2 1/2, he did some pretty funny things. One of my favorite stories that always makes me laugh is this one:

We were at WalMart in the checkout line. There was a man in front of us with cut off shorts, a cut off shirt, long hair, tattoo, etc. I thought it was kind of funny that he was only buying Nivea lotion. I guess bikers have dry skin too. Anyway, I was holding Benjamin and he kept staring at this man's tatto (on his arm) of a skull with fire coming out of the eye sockets. The man noticed B staring and turned and said to him, "Do you like my tattoo?" Benjamin nodded and said, "Yes, I like your stamp." (He called tattoo's stamps) The man asked Benjamin if he was going to get one when he got older and Benjamin nodded yes. After a short pause, Benjamin asked this man, "Do you HAVE enough HAIR?" I wanted the earth to swallow me up. I had no idea how this man would react, but he laughed out loud and said, "I wish everyone was as honest as kids are". I wish everyone had a great sense of humor like this man did.


  1. When Jeremiah was just starting to wear underwear instead of diapers he was so proud to be wearing underwear at Family Video one day that he asked me, very loudly, Mom are YOU wearing underwear? The man in front of us in line gave me quite a look. I said something like, Yes Jeremiah I ALWAYS wear underwear!

  2. That's funny! We were going through the feminine ailse at Target one day when B was about 2 or so and he said very loudly and very clearly, "Mom, do you need some tampons?" I thought the other women were going to bust a gut! That same shopping trip, he saw a bra...not just any bra, but those very large bras and said (loudly and clearly), "Mom, look, a bra like you have!"