Monday, September 12, 2011


Life is full of little treasures.  Most of the time, they appear when we least expect it.  A few years ago, Benjamin, Jim and I were on a hike near our house and found a Tennessee Box Turtle shell.  It was in perfect condition and we still have it at our house.
A couple of Saturdays ago, I went on a walk around the block.  As I was nearing the end of the sidewalk, I just happened to look down and see something at the edge of the sidewalk next to the grass.  It was a 5 dollar bill.  At first, I thought it wasn't real, but when I examined it more closely, I saw it was a 1963 5 dollar bill in fantastic condition - as if it had never really been in circulation.  It's sitting in our firebox until we can determine if it's worth more than just $5 or maybe it's a good-luck charm and we should go buy a lottery ticket with it.  ;)
Last week, Jim went to a garage sale and got some really cool treasures.  He got 10 books, a pencil holder, a lava lamp and a waffle iron.  This was no ordinary waffle iron, though.  It was an old one, but in really great condition.  The cord is wrapped in cloth, but not frayed.  He cleaned it up and looked up the serial number online and found it was made in the early 1950's!  It works great too!  He paid $5 for it and found a place online selling similar ones for $50 - $150!!!  I think we'll keep this one, though.  It makes fantastic waffles because it gets REALLY hot, so the outsides are really crispy and the insides are "just right"!  :) 
So be on the lookout for treasures in your life...they come along when you least expect it!