Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I got a Barbie Doll for Christmas!

This year for Christmas, our family drew names to see who we would get a gift for.  We were supposed to get something for $5 or less and make it funny or a gag gift.  We were not supposed to tell whose name we drew until we exchanged gifts on Christmas.  My father drew my name.  I'm not sure how the decision for my gift came about, but I can bet you it was almost as funny as watching me open the present. 

I suppose I should give you all some background on the humor involved. 

When I was a child, I did not like the way Barbie's clothes fit her.  Her shirts were too tight, in my opinion, and difficult to put on and take off when I wanted to change her clothes.  I decided I would fix this situation and proceeded to rub my Barbie Dolls' boobs on the cement sidewalk to make them smaller and flatter.  Definitely flatter.  I didn't rub them all the way off, just gave her a nice adjustment. Well, it was a good solution!  It was much easier for me to put her tops on and take them off when I wanted to change her clothes. 

Of course, this story has given me and my family plenty of laughter over the years.  My sister, Jill, told this story at my rehearsal dinner before my 1st wedding.  She was supposed to give a toast, but this was WAY better and everyone really enjoyed laughing rather than listening to her tell what a great sister I am.  HE HE! 

So when I opened my present, here is what I saw:

 And here is the beautiful Barbie Doll...still intact and wearing a top that fits and cannot be removed.

Thank you, Dad, for one of the best Christmas presents I've ever had and for the continued giggles over the note and gift.