Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wonderful Family

This morning, I was awakened by a text message from my network stating that our server room had surpassed a critical temperature threshold of 80 degrees.  When I got up and checked, it was NOT a false alarm, so I brushed my teeth, put on some deodorant, and headed into the office.  Wait, I did wake Jim up to tell him he'd need to take Benjamin to school before I left and kissed Jim goodbye.  Okay, all bases were covered. It's a nice drive at 4:30am in Nashville...hardly any traffic.  I arrived at the office in 35 minutes.  Not bad for a 36 mile drive!

Later on, while the HVAC technician was working on the unit, Jim called me to tell me he had packed my lunch and was almost to my office.  I almost cried.  He is such an incredibly thoughtful man. 

The day went on, the AC unit was fixed (or so we thought) and I left here at 2:30, picked up Benjamin and headed home.  I had just changed clothes and was starting to relax when my phone "blew up" with text messages from the system again.  "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?" was what I said....not really, but I can't type what I said on a "family friendly" blog.  Those of you who know me can fill in the blanks here!  ;)

So, I logged in to the system, talked to some folks in the office, called our technician and waited a bit more.  I wanted to let traffic die down (it was sense in getting out in that mess) and get a little bit of dinner.  I said, "I'm going to shower" to no one in particular, but Benjamin heard me.  Pretty soon, I got up to go shower and he said, "I have your towel all ready....and it's a clean one."  This sweet boy had pulled the shower curtain back for me and hung a clean towel over the rod like I do for him in the mornings.  I nearly cried again!

What did I do to deserve such wonderful guys in my life?  They are both so thoughtful and really make my life so wonderful. 

I love you, Jim and Benjamin!


  1. That's so nice. Maybe they both like you a little bit. :)